Self build kits

Self build kits

As one of our company aims is to encourage a new generation of analogue electronic engineers, we are very keen to be able to offer some of our products in kit form that you can build yourself and get an understanding of how it works.

It also saves you money (about a third) as we don't have to build it.

All our kits come with a very comprehensive set of build instructions to help you build your kit to the highest standards. Almost anyone with a functioning brain will be able with a little care and patience to build one of our kits, and if things do go wrong we will be there to help get things back on track for you as quickly as possible. We do however stress the point that some tools (like soldering irons) can be very dangerous and cause serious injury so any children attempting to build any of our kits must do so under the supervision of a competent adult.

You will need some tools to build (and test) your creation so before you decide to buy any kit please see our kit builders guide on the main website.

We also offer "get it working" and "certification" services.

The "get it working" service does what it says on the tin - if you're unable to find out why it doesn't work then for a small fee you can send it to us and we will get it working for you.

The "Certification" service goes much further.
We will inspect your kit and if it meets our high standards of construction then we will re-classify it as a "certified" product, give it full CE approval and the Nytech full lifetime warranty. This will effectively make it the same as a factory built item.

Correctly built kits will have a limited (2 years) parts warranty unless the builder wants to make use of our "certification" service.

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