Welcome to the Nytech Audio online shop.


You can buy any of our products here by clicking on the appropriate tab above.

You will also find spares / replacement modules and cables for classic Nytech and Ion systems from the 80's and 90's. We are dedicated to keeping the original equipment in good working order so that new generations of music lovers can appreciate good quality music at affordable prices.


Customers in the UK can pay by B.A.C.S (electronic banking), Paypal or cheque. Due to the high charges levied on small businesses by financial services we cannot accept payment by debit or credit card without charging a surcharge and we do not wish to do this.

For overseas customers, the best option is paypal.

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Charges for processing card payments directly for small businesses are very high at the moment and we do not wish to pass these charges on to the customer.
  2. By using Paypal and its on site protection guarantees, debit card customers can get similar levels of protection as credit card users. Paypal also offers other methods of payment for customers who do not wish to use credit or debit cards.
  3. As only Paypal itself has access to your card or financial details and Nytech Audio does not (and will never) ask for any financial information, the opportunities to commit fraud are greatly reduced.

We can accept international bank transfers but the customer is usually charged a very high fee (£15-£25 per transaction) plus currency conversion fees by their bank for international bank transfers .

If you wish to investigate or set up a Paypal account before making any purchase then please go directly to paypal at

If you want to satisfy yourself we are who we say we are then feel free to contact us. Phone, e-mail details and address are on the contact information section of the shop website or on the contact us page of the main website.